Carbide saw blade sharpening

carbide saw bladeDeKalb Saw and Tool sharpens tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blades. We service all brands of industrial woodworking tools and table saw blades, including Forrest. We sharpen every variety of circular saw blade, dado set and groover, preserving original specifications. Our approach is minimally invasive to extend the overall life span of saws. Circular saw blades can be sharpened over a dozen times. A sharpened table saw blade can be at least as good as new or superior, depending on how good it originally was.

Tool resharpening has traditionally been among the most cost-effective, frugal ways a business can cut production expenses. Nowadays it's also seen as the green way to conserve energy and reduce wasted materials. In today's world it's smarter than ever to keep a watchful eye on the bottom line while maintaining excellent quality control.

Knife sharpening service

The balance or feel of a culinary knife in your hand is an individual artistic preference. It's only natural that diverse chefs will prefer either German or Japanese knives, carbon or stainless steel knives for different needs. We sharpen each cutting tool at an angle suiting its unique purpose. Very little metal is lost, except to correct a broken tip, nick, concave bow or protruding bolster. The artisan will hone it flat, give it a strong micro bevel, then strop it to a smooth, brilliant mirror edge. You can leave your abrasive steel in the kitchen drawer.

We deliver your own chef's cutlery to you, not a knife rental exchange. You keep ownership of your culinary instruments. You don't have to be locked into a contract renting knives that you don't really need all the time. We understand why you might not want to be tied to a cutlery rental lease if it doesn't fit your budget. DeKalb sharpening service is an uncomplicated, affordable alternative to knife rental. We can pick up and deliver weekly at your restaurant, or to meet your seasonal catering needs.

We put a razor edge on woodworking knives, chisels and wood carving gouges. Our services include resharpening and balancing of high speed steel planer and jointer knife sets.

Router bit and shaper services

We resharpen straight, flush trim and profile router bits. A carbide router bit can be resharpened several times to maximize useful bit life. We sharpen industrial winged shaper cutters and spiral cutters. We resharpen solid carbide spiral compression bits. We also sharpen Forstner and self feed bits, hole saws and drill bits.

Northern Illinois

Illinois mapWe supply industrial woodworking tools and services to industries in DeKalb, Kane and Kendall Counties in Northern Illinois. If your business is near the Fox Valley west of Chicago, we pick up and deliver every week, from Sycamore to Elburn and through the tri-cities of St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia. Down the Fox River we serve clients from Aurora to Oswego and Yorkville, and west to Plano and Sandwich, IL.

Give us a call to find out what time we come through your neighborhood or to check on the current schedule. We'll be happy to help you find where the closest local collection point is near to you, or to discuss packing and shipping.

Depend on it

Since 1983, Midwest woodworking industry has depended on our tool sharpening services. Owner-operated, DeKalb Saw is committed to providing consistent supply and support for our clients' work flow, and a personal response to deadline emergencies.

Many of our customers are Midwest factories who build stairs, cabinets and furniture. Some are luthiers and manufacturers of detailed marquetry. Others fabricate theater scenery, displays and various products. We also serve electricians, plumbers, contractors and schools.

Questions are welcome. For consultation or to talk to a sharpener, call (815) 758-7297 and ask for Joel Baker.